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Will pensioners decide this election?

Will pensioners decide the vote?

After the Conservatives boldly showed their welfare-cuts-hungry hands and put the dementia tax out into the open their rating in the polls dropped dramatically. And rightfully so.
As some people chillingly stated: You need to die quickly now if you want to leave a legacy for your children. Pensioners and their families alike are outraged by this callous cut-throat measure.

In their new manifesto the Tories are no longer bound to leave National Insurance contributions as they are. Instead of using the existing welfare system and making improvements to it, we probably will get the worst of both worlds in the end.images_(16).jpg

It got me wondering: The referendum was decided by the older generation, and maybe this election now will also be decided by them?

The choices Theresa May is making now will bring grave social injustices, taking us back to the times when illnesses were something you simply couldn't 'afford' to have – quite literally.
The once guaranteed Triple lock on pensions seems no longer safe in her hands and with the Tory's reluctance to put extra funds into the NHS our elderly will be hit even harder.

With so much ingratitude for the people who raised our generation it should be no surprise if May's rating tumbles even further.

images_(2).pngPensioners will feel the effects in their bank balance and in the quality of and their access to health services. It would not surprise me if their vote will decide whether parts of this institution will be sold off or privatised, ignored and run into the grounds – or whether there will be a solid funding from a 1p Income Tax increase to save this valuable service from its current crisis.

In Wales, nurses currently have to care for more patients per member of staff than anywhere else in the UK. Earlier this year, The Welsh Lib Dems made a first step to changing that. The Assembly passed a Welsh Lib Dem law making Wales the first part of Europe with a legal duty for safe nurse staffing levels.

Now we want to go further - extending this ground-breaking law to maternity wards, mental health services and community care teams to create an NHS that puts patients first.

Their vote will also determine whether children can enjoy a future free from pollution with much larger portions of our electricity coming from green sources or whether short term opportunism will lead to more premature deaths from the environmental damage.

A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats can change Wales's future – your future.


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