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Welsh Liberal Democrats welcome schemes to help young farmers

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed two schemes announced by the Welsh Government to support the next generation of Welsh farmers.

The £6m Young People Into Agriculture Scheme will support those looking to lead innovative businesses and develop the industry as a whole. The scheme is designed to improve leadership skills and support the dissemination of skills and knowledge throughout the sector.

Alongside this is the Young People in Agriculture Forum, designed to facilitate collaboration between members and the Welsh Government to support the creation of policies that help the industry and rural communities as a whole.

Welsh Liberal Democrat President and Spokesperson for Agriculture William Powell said:

A key commitment in the Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto was support for share farming and succession planning to help young farmers and ensure the survival of the family farm. I’m pleased to see the Welsh Government implementing Welsh Liberal Democrat ideas and giving young farmers the help they need.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Spokesperson Mark Williams added:

In these worrying times of Brexit, it is essential we invest in the agricultural sector to ensure it is fit for the future and this represents an important step forward. Any measure that encourages young people to remain within the sector in these uncertain times and build up leadership within the industry in the future should be welcomed. 

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds commented:

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have always stood up for young people and for rural communities. It is therefore extremely encouraging to see measures like this which support both groups. These schemes will compliment the small grant scheme for farmers introduced thanks to the Progressive Agreement between Kirsty Williams and the First Minister.

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