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Welsh Liberal Democrats only chance for 2nd remain seat

Responding to today’s YouGov poll for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on Green, Change UK and remain Conservative voters to unite behind the Welsh Liberal Democrats to secure a 2nd remain MEP for Wales.

The poll puts the Brexit Party first, followed by Plaid Cymru, Labour, the Welsh Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and the Conservatives.

This result would mean The Brexit Party winning two MEPs in Wales, with Plaid Cymru and Labour each winning one.

The poll shows that Plaid Cymru’s seat is safe but that it’s very unlikely they could pick up a 2nd and that the best way to ensure two remain MEPs in Wales is to vote Welsh Liberal Democrat.

Lead Welsh Liberal Democrat European Candidate Sam Bennett commented:

This poll shows we have a real chance of electing a Welsh Liberal Democrat MEP. We are the best chance of ensuring two remain MEPs for Wales and Wales’ best chance to stop Brexit.

It’s clear that unfortunately the Brexit Party will win two MEPs in Wales and Plaid Cymru one, with Wales’ final seat up for grabs between us and Labour.

Plaid Cymru need a massive 12% increase to win a 2nd MEP, this isn’t going to happen. We only need a 6% increase to overtake Labour and ensure another remain MEP for Wales.

Green Party, Change UK and remain Conservative voters must now unite behind the Welsh Liberal Democrats. We are the party of remain and we’re the best chance to secure another remain MEP for Wales. If you want to stop Brexit, you must vote Welsh Liberal Democrat.


The full poll result was:

Brexit Party: 36% (+26)

Plaid Cymru: 19% (+4)

Labour: 15% (-15)

Liberal Democrats: 10% (+4)

Greens: 8% (+5)

Conservative: 7% (-9)

UKIP: 2% (-9)

Change UK: 2% (-6)

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