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Welsh Liberal Democrats announce new spokespeople

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has announced a new team of spokespeople. This is a fresh team with new ideas, ready to go out and make our case to Wales.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have always been the outsiders working on the inside and our new spokespeople will be no different. Our aim isn’t to just do things better than other parties, we want to do things differently.

Our spokespeople will help Jane Dodds set out our ambitious, progressive and Liberal vision to transform Wales and offer meaningful solutions to the challenges people face.

Commenting, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

Under my leadership the Welsh Liberal Democrats will set out a bold and liberal alternative to the status quo.

My team reflects our ambition for Wales. They’re a combination of new and experienced voices committed to shaping and setting out a liberal vision for the Wales we want to see.

Too many politicians in Wales are more concerned with talking about themselves than the people they claim to represent, of making a platform for their own voices rather than giving a voice to others. We will set out how we will do things differently. We will give people a voice and the power to change the world around them.

We are the outsiders on the inside, working for you. We will offer hope for a better future. We will create an open, tolerant and united Wales.

You can see the full list of spokespeople here

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