Wefan Gymraeg

Welsh Lib Dems will fight for more accountable councils.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have committed to making our local councils more democratic, more accountable and more transparent.


Once powers become available to local councils in Wales, Welsh Liberal Democrats will make electing local councillors fairer and will vote to introduce votes at 16 for all local elections.

Commenting, Mark Williams MP said;

“We want a fairer, more democratic Wales where people are in the driving seat.

“For Liberal Democrats, delivering a fairer voting system and handing more power to people is an integral part of delivering better public services and a fairer Wales”.

“Our councils are simply not accountable or democratic enough and have simply ignored the people they are there to represent for too long.

“We will lead open, transparent and representative councils and ensure that our structures and practices are accessible to everyone in our communities. We will fight tooth and nail to make our councils more transparent and more accountable to the people they are there to represent.”


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