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Welsh Lib Dems welcome progress on Gender Identity Services

We welcome the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services Vaughan Gething’s update on the progress made on improvements to gender identity services in Wales. However, we also urge the Cabinet Secretary to ensure a cultural change across NHS Wales in the way it supports the health needs of trans individuals.

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We have a proud record of standing up for the Transgender community in Wales, including holding the Senedd’s first debate on transgender issues in 2014 and being at the forefront of the campaign for a Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in Cardiff.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Rhys Taylor commented:

We of course welcome the news that the multidisciplinary Wales Gender Team should begin seeing patients from the end of October and that health boards are prepared to continue the treatment of those who’ve been accessing the London Gender Identity Clinic.

These are important steps that will go a long way to giving Trans people in Wales the high-quality and appropriate care they need and deserve.

However, these steps on their own are not enough. Wales needs a national training programme for healthcare professionals on trans rights, healthcare and issues to support the GIC.

These important steps will ensure that not only are we establishing a much-needed GIC in Wales, we’re also changing cultures and attitudes within NHS Wales on supporting the health needs of trans people.

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