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Welsh Lib Dems vote against Education Bill

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have voted against the Education (Wales) Bill that was presented to Assembly Members earlier this afternoon (Tuesday).

The Bill was, however, voted through by a majority of other Assembly Members and will now become law.

Speaking after the vote on the Education (Wales) Bill, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education, said:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats cannot support this Bill. Once again the Welsh Labour Government is asking Assembly Members to pass legislation without being given the full details or implications within that legislation.

"This is very much a "framework" Bill. It follows the pattern of recent Welsh Government legislation in that the detail of the Bill will come in the form of regulations which will be set at some future date. That simply isn't good enough.

"This is no way to make legislation and it does very little to enhance the reputation of this Assembly as a legislative body.

"The funding aspects of the Bill were based on "best estimates" and I remain to be convinced that the those arrangements are adequate.

"Despite a number of amendments being tabled during the process, some of which came from the Assembly's Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, the Minister has refused to accept our recommendations.

"Our job is to scrutinise decisions made by the Welsh Government on behalf of the people of Wales. Yet this bill would hand powers straight from the Assembly to Government Ministers and then there would be no way Assembly Members could scrutinise their decisions. That is completely unacceptable.

"We voted in the same way as we did for the Social Services Bill, and rather than blindly letting things pass, we will continue to be a strong opposition, fighting on behalf of our constituents."

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