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Welsh Lib Dems refuse to “kowtow to the nasty misogynist.”

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have hit out at Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies after saying that he would welcome President Trump to the Welsh Assembly.

Mr Davies’ comments come following Commons Speaker John Bercow telling MP’s that he is strongly opposed to allowing President Trump to address Parliament during his state visit.

Commenting, Cadan ap Tomos, the Welsh Liberal Democrats Equalities Spokesperson said;

“The fact that Andrew RT Davies can call Mr. Trump’s views abhorrent but also welcome him to Wales in the same breath is astounding.

“Mr Davies and the Prime Minister might wish to kowtow to the nasty misogynist that now sits in the Oval Office but no-one else does. We do not want him to speak to us. He is not welcome.

“Speaking within the Assembly is a rare honour, the highest honour we can offer.  

“This obsession to get a Brexit trade deal, any deal, means we have ended up in this situation. It has been a grubby little saga from beginning to end.

“Trump should be under no illusion. We are snubbing him.”

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