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Welsh Lib Dems only party to vote against AM pay rise

The Assembly Commission’s budget, which included the massive pay hike for Assembly Members, was today voted through despite strong resistance from the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

This evening Assembly Members wereasked to vote on the Assembly Commission’s budget which is set to rise by around £1.1m. This increase in the budget is, in part, required to pay for the salary hike proposed for AMs by the Remuneration Board. Assembly Members’ £54,000 pay is set to increase to £64,000 in May 2016. This 18% rise will cost taxpayers around £700,000 more per year.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats were the only party to vote against the rise. If you back the party's stance, add your name to the petition by clicking here.

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“It’s hugely disappointing that the Welsh Liberal Democrats were the only party to vote against this budget.

“A £10,000 pay increase is completely unacceptable and that is why the Welsh Liberal Democrats voted against the budget.

“This was an our opportunity to send a clear message to the new Remuneration Board that we are against the 18% pay rise; yet the Tories, Labour and Plaid all voted in favour.

“The Remuneration Board is allowed to make more than one proposal in ‘exceptional circumstances’. We believe that AMs voting down the Commission’s budget would indeed be an exceptional circumstance.

“It’s outrageous that, at time when public sector workers have had their salaries either frozen or rise only slightly, politicians could be getting a salary increase of 18%.”

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