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Welsh Lib Dems “lift the lid” on Welsh Government by publishing decision reports

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are vowing to bring transparency to Labour’s Welsh Government as they begin publishing ministerial decision reports, a service previously scrapped by Labour’s First Minister.

The Government’s decision reports were often used by journalists and opposition parties to scrutinise decisions made by Labour Ministers. When Welsh Lib Dem Leader Kirsty Williams challenged the First Minister in the Senedd when the service was scrapped in September; he claimed the decision was made because not enough people were visiting the site.

The Welsh Lib Dems have begun obtaining statements that would have otherwise been published by the Welsh Government under the Freedom of Information Act, and are now publishing them on the party’s website. Want to take a look for yourself? Just click here.

The party has also launched a petition calling on the First Minister to reinstate the decision report service. If you want to see Labour conduct an open and transparent Government, click here to add your name.

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“Welsh Liberal Democrats believe in the principle of open and transparent government. Given the ruling Labour party seem intent on wriggling out of any sort of scrutiny, it comes down to Welsh Lib Dems to lift the lid on what they’re getting up to in office.

“Despite claiming that openness and transparency is important to them, Labour Ministers think it’s okay to close down a service vital in holding their Government to account. We’ve made it clear several times that this behavior should not be tolerated in a 21st century democracy.

“It shouldn’t matter that hardly anyone visited the site before it was closed. Labour knew full well that the logs were a source of many news stories, and that failing to publish them would lead to less scrutiny of their actions. Quite frankly, Labour should be ashamed of their decision.

“We won’t stop requesting this information until Labour Ministers do the right thing and publish it as a matter of course. If Labour aren’t willing to publish this information in the name of transparency and accountable government, perhaps they’ll do it to save their FOI department a bit of work.”

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