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Welsh Lib Dems condemn praise for Tommy Robinson

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have condemned David Rowlands' decision to praise Tommy Robinson and urged him to immediately apologise.


David Rowlands AM called Tommy Robinson a “courageous character” and claimed he “reflects the views of a great many people.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds commented:

It is disgraceful a member of the Welsh Assembly has praised the views and actions of a thuggish, fascist bully like Tommy Robinson. Does David Rowlands represent the views of the Brexit Party? If not, will they condemn him in the strongest terms?

Tommy Robinson has repeatedly shown hatred, bigotry and intolerance towards a multitude of minority groups and especially Muslims. What must the constituents of David Rowlands in South East Wales think when they hear him praise a man who hates them just for who they are? David Rowlands must immediately apologise to his constituents.

We despise everything Tommy Robinson stands for. His values are not our values and they are not Wales’ values. They have no place in Welsh politics, in Wales or in any civilised country. It is incumbent on every reasonable and tolerant politician in Wales to oppose him and his allies with all their might.

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