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Welsh Lib Dems call for better rural mental healthcare

Speaking at the Royal Welsh Show, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for better mental healthcare in rural areas to deal with the unique needs and experiences of rural communities.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Health Cllr Bablin Molik commented:

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have a proud record of fighting to end mental health discrimination and improve mental healthcare for all.

We’ve consistently secured additional funding for mental healthcare through the Progressive Agreement and budget deals with the Welsh Government. But we will not stop fighting until we’ve achieved parity of esteem between mental and physical health.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs spokesperson Mark Williams added:

Rural communities face various unique challenges that can negatively impact their mental health. The unpredictable nature of farming can lead to high stress, rural communities can be at greater risk of loneliness and isolation and anybody can be affected by illnesses like depression or Alzheimer’s.

Despite these unique challenges, people in rural communities frequently have to settle for worse or patchier mental health services than their urban colleagues. This is not good enough.

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