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Welsh Lib Dem influence clear in Public Health Bill

Welsh Lib Dem Health Spokesperson, Cllr Elizabeth Evans, welcomes plans to abandon illiberal e-cigs ban.

Plans introduced in the 2014 Public Health Bill included a ban on the public use of e-cigarettes, despite research casting doubt on claims that e-cigs attract non-smokers. Newly published plans have abandoned a ban on the public use of e-cigs, following efforts from the Welsh Lib Dems.

The Bill includes Welsh Lib Dem proposals for Health Impact Assessments, working in a similar way to Environmental Impact Assessments to measure the outcome pieces of legislation. The Bill will also introduce Welsh Lib Dem plans for local strategies to protect public toilets.

Welsh Lib Dem Health Spokesperson Cllr Elizabeth Evans said:

“Labour’s plan ignored medical evidence, calls from e-cigs users, and opposition from charities like Cancer Research UK. Welsh Liberal Democrats led the opposition to this ban before the election, and now as part of the Welsh Government we’ve ensured that this illiberal plan has has been consigned to the dustbin.

“E-cigarettes are a useful way for smokers to give up on tobacco, and this law would have sent the wrong signal that e-cigarettes are as bad for your health as normal cigarettes. That simply isn’t the case.

“The introduction of Health Impact Assessments is a welcome addition straight from the pages of the Welsh Lib Dem manifesto.

“This will ensure that every law this Assembly passes is analysed to ensure it doesn’t harm the health of the people of Wales, putting an end to the type of knee-jerk reaction we saw in response to e-cigs.”

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