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Welsh Lib Dem Conference rejects Tory brutal Brexit

On the second day of the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ Spring Conference delegates voted to reject Theresa May’s plans for a brutal Brexit.

Commenting, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and MP for Ceredigion Mark Williams, said;

“Theresa May’s plan to take Wales and the UK out of the single market will do untold damage to our economy.

“Wales may have voted to leave the European Union, but people did not vote to make Wales poorer.

“Despite the Welsh Assembly voting overwhelmingly in favour of Wales remaining in the single market, Theresa May has carried on regardless, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in tow.

“A decent Government would recognise the role of the devolved Administrations and ensure that they are fully consulted. The devolved nations must not and cannot be sidelined by this out of touch Tory government.

“From the Tories designating steel a low-priority industry, to the vulnerability of Bridgend Ford, to the warning signals from the agricultural community and the expectation that the price of food and fuel will rise, we are seeing what Brexit will mean for businesses, families and workers.

“What’s clear is that we can’t have a strong economy and a hard Brexit. The Liberal Democrats will fight for Wales and the UK's place in the single market and a vote of the people on the final deal.”

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