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Welsh Labour People’s Vote support better late than never

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has criticised the extraordinary amount of time it took for Welsh Labour to support a People’s Vote, but praised them for eventually coming to the right decision.

Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister Mark Drakeford today stated that Welsh Labour now believe that the final decision on Brexit must be made by the public in a referendum and that Welsh Labour would campaign for Wales to remain in the EU.

The decision follows their disastrous European election results where they narrowly beat the Welsh Lib Dems and won a seat by only 1.7%

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

We warmly welcome Welsh Labour and Mark Drakeford’s decision to join the fight for a People’s Vote. Having led this campaign for three years, we’re always happy for more people to join our cause.

For months and years we’ve told Welsh Labour to support a People’s Vote to do what’s right for Wales. It’s disappointing it has taken this long and these election results for Welsh Labour to do it.

Mark Drakeford must now urgently convince Jeremy Corbyn to follow his lead and ensure Labour across the UK unambiguously support a People’s Vote.

It’s disappointing to see Plaid Cymru criticise Welsh Labour’s decision, particularly as they were themselves late to the People’s Vote cause. The People’s Vote campaign is a cross-party campaign and remain voters want like-minded parties to work together. We must do that now.

We enjoyed our most successful European election ever because of our clear commitment to stopping Brexit. We’ll work with any party that shares this vital objective.

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