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Welsh Agriculture must be protected after Brexit – Welsh Lib Dems

The National Farming Union’s conference provides another stark reminder of the importance of stopping Westminster from seizing control of powers over agriculture after Brexit and ensuring Welsh farmers receive not one penny less once we’ve left.

Coming at a crucial stage in the negotiating process, the conference discussed the substantial challenges Brexit poses to Welsh agriculture, including the transfer of powers to devolved Governments, securing the agricultural workforce after Brexit, access to the single market for food exports and the establishment of new subsidy regimes and funding for farmers.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Rural Wales Mark Williams commented:

“Rural communities are an integral part of Wales and make a huge contribution to the Welsh economy and to Welsh society. A thriving agriculture sector is crucial to the prosperity and wellbeing of these rural communities. A Brexit that damages Welsh agriculture will devastate rural communities. The people of Wales must be given the final say on Brexit, including the opportunity to choose an exit from Brexit.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat President and Spokesperson for Agriculture William Powell said:

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been consistently clear about the risks posed by Brexit, risks that are particularly acute for Welsh agriculture. Brexit threatens to cut our farmers off from their key markets and to dismantle the financial support they rely on. Yet our farmers are expected to accept the idea that these vital decisions are made in Westminster and not Cardiff. Devolved powers must be returned to Wales and Wales must receive not a penny less after Brexit. Reverting to WTO rules would decimate the Welsh sheep and beef sectors. Welsh Liberal Democrats will defend Welsh farming against such a catastrophe.”

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