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We Must do More to Prevent Youth Homelessness

Responding to a report from the Wales Centre for Public Policy, the Welsh Lib Dems have urged the Welsh Government, councils and the third sector to work together to implement its recommendations.

Sleeping Rough by Steven Lilley is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Welsh Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesperson Cllr Joe Carter said:

We welcome this new report from the Wales Centre for Public Policy and believe it shines a light on the growing problem of youth homelessness.

Preventing homelessness through appropriate support is better for the individual, local authorities and society. We need social services and housing teams to work with the voluntary sector to design solutions to support the most vulnerable people now.

It is a travesty that anyone should have to sleep on the streets in 21st century Wales, let alone young people often already let down by society. We urge the Welsh Government to take every step necessary to prevent youth homelessness.

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