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We Must Avoid No Deal Brexit Disaster – Welsh Lib Dems

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised politicians including current and former members of the Cabinet who are calling on the UK to leave the EU without a deal.

Many of these politicians talk about a managed no deal Brexit despite the fact this doesn’t exist. A no deal Brexit would necessarily cause chaos, particularly in areas like the supply of medicines, food supply and air travel.

Business groups are united in their condemnation of a no deal Brexit, whilst Treasury and Bank of England figures show it would be immensely damaging to our economy.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

It is disgraceful politicians including current and former members of the Cabinet are openly advocating a no deal Brexit. Everyone but the most extreme Brexiteers accepts that a no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Wales and the UK.

A no deal Brexit would cause an unprecedented and entirely self-inflicted national crisis. It would call into question our ability to import food and medicines, grind supply chains and cross-border travel to a halt and put peace in Northern Ireland and risk.

The UK Government must immediately rule out a no deal Brexit and confirm it will seek an extension of Article 50 if needed to avoid no deal.

A no deal Brexit would be devastating for Wales, but we know any Brexit will damage our economy and weaken our society. We must give the people the final say and the opportunity to choose an Exit from Brexit.

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