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Wales should speak with one voice – William Powell

Ahead of the Scottish independence referendum tomorrow, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM William Powell writes about the future for Wales...

We're facing huge constitutional change in the United Kingdom. Whether Scotland votes Yes or No, reform is coming and we must ensure that Wales is not left behind.

I hope that Scotland agrees to remain a part of the UK. We are definitely better together but we also need to promote a new union, rather than stubbornly defend the old. This is why we are calling for the implementation of the Silk Commission's proposals and establishing a UK-wide Constitutional Convention to draft a plan for a new Union.

Wales must speak with one voice. It is vital that we come together and set out a clear path for Wales. We have a plan and a timetable for more powers for Wales in the form of the Silk Commission. We cannot allow these vital reports to fall by the wayside like so many papers before them. The Silk Commission's timetable should be kept to, and their recommendations implemented.

Our 2010 manifesto called for a written constitution, drawn up by a UK-wide constitutional convention. We believe this must be established following the referendum, and we will be pressing for a proper federal constitution for the UK. The Liberal Democrats have long supported a federal UK, where the nations have the power to make laws and have responsible governments on home rule matters. It is clear that this is an idea who's time has come.

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