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Wales Bill not the promised ‘bold vision’ for Wales, says Baroness Jenny Randerson

Commenting on the final reading of the Wales Bill in the House of Lords, Baroness Jenny Randerson said;

“Although the Bill brings us the reserved powers model, it is not the bold, clear-cut devolution settlement that Wales was promised through the Silk Commission nor the St David’s Day Agreement.

“Whilst it brings welcome additional powers—for example, over elections, energy—they are not the radical step forward envisaged by the Liberal Democrats who paved the way forward for this Bill.

“The Government will come to regret the lack of a sharp edge defining the separate powers of the Welsh and UK Governments, which will come to haunt them in months and years to come.

“I am very disappointed that Plaid Cymru voted against this Bill yesterday. We must welcome any devolution of power to Wales and the constructive approach of Governments on both sides of the M4 to draw up this Bill.”

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