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New asthma statistics highlight the need to up our game

We need to improve access to asthma care across Wales.

By Welsh Liberal Democrats, May 05, 2020 9:05

We are using World Asthma Day to call for more action to improve access to asthma care services across Wales.

A new report from Asthma UK has shown that just 39% of people with asthma in Wales have access to basic asthma care. Whilst this is an increase of 14% from 2017, an increase of 7% in each year since, Wales is still the second lowest in terms of care provision in the UK.

The report also showed that those from low income households were twice as likely to suffered heightened asthma symptoms and are more vulnerable to asthma attacks than those from more affluent backgrounds.

In response, the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for a renewed focus on lung health and for greater investment to boost the availability of care services to support those with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Jane Dodds, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“With 1 in 10 people having asthma, and just 39% having access to care for it, it is clear we need to up our game.

"We need to update the Respiratory Health Delivery Plan, which has been instrumental in helping deliver the two years of sustained increase in care provision we have seen.

"We also need to target more resources at addressing long standing health inequalities. It is frankly unacceptable that how much money you earn and where you live has a direct impact on the severity of your asthma.

"All political parties must play their part in ensuring people can get the asthma care they need. I hope on today of all days we can recognise that and commit to doing more."

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