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Voting reform an ‘integral part of delivering better public services and a fairer Wales’ - Cllr Peter Black

The Welsh Government have published proposals for Local Government reform, which includes taking steps towards voting reform through the Single Transferable Vote. 

The planned reforms would allow Councils to decide which voting system best reflects the needs of their local people and communities. Local Authorities will be able to use the ‘First Past the Post’ or the ‘Single Transferable Vote’ systems.  16 year olds will also be able to vote in local election – a long held Liberal Democrat policy. 

Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for voting reform to deliver a better politics which is more representative, more co-operative and more diverse. 

Commenting on the publication of the Government’s proposals for Local Government, Welsh Liberal Democrat Local Government Spokesperson Cllr Peter Black said; 

“Today we are a step closer towards delivering a fairer voting system for Wales. 

“For Liberal Democrats, delivering a fairer voting system and handing more power to voters is an integral part of delivering better public services and a fairer Wales. 

“Giving people a greater say over how services are run by making every vote count we can create the resilient public services our communities need for the future.

“By recognising that people are experts in their own lives, by respecting the views of services users, and by empowering local people, we can create a fairer Wales where everyone has the opportunity to get on in life.

“While not going as far as we would like, this is major progress.  I am proud that this radical change is being proposed with a Welsh Liberal Democrat at the heart of government. I urge people to respond to the consultation to express their views.

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