Wefan Gymraeg

Unsung Hero Award

Award is for:

Any member who is not a politically elected or appointed representative, i.e. not a Councillor, Member of the Senedd, Member of Parliament, Peer, PCC, etc. (note: those who have been internally elected, such as Local Party officers, may be nominated).


A member of the Welsh Liberal Democrats who behind the scenes has made a significant contribution to their local Party, or to the Welsh Liberal Democrats, or to the wider cause of liberalism. Candidates are not excluded from nomination, but the criteria must be for something other than attempting to get themselves elected. Their actions will probably not be particularly well-known outside their immediate circle.

 The following may be taken as examples:

  • Making a significant effort to get another person/people elected.
  • Long serving Local Party officer / election agent / other significant activist.
  • Supporting or mentoring young members or candidates / significant fundraising.
  • Significant contribution to membership retention and / or recruitment.
  • Committed campaigner, e.g. running committee rooms, canvassing, leafleting, doing local surveys, social media activity, probably mostly on behalf of other people.
  • Significant contribution to running the Welsh Liberal Democrats or a local Party.
  • Significant contribution to the wider cause of liberalism locally or nationally.

How to Nominate:

Any member may make as many nominations as they wish. Nominations will close at mid-day on Monday 17th October.

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Nominations should explain why you think the nominee deserves the award, with reference to the category criteria.

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