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Unlike UKIP, we'll ensure Wales plays its part on world stage

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced their plans to double Welsh Government spending on international development over the next Assembly term – in stark contrast with UKIP, the party said.

Under the party's plans, spending on international development projects would gradually increase over the next five years to £1.72m from the current level of £860,000. Projects currently benefiting from the grants promote cultural exchanges and foster relationships between Wales, and include the successful Wales for Africa programme.

Liberal Democrats also ensured the Coalition Government's commitment to spending 0.7% of GDP on international aid, and passed legislation to enshrine that commitment into law.

The Welsh Lib Dem approach is the opposite of UKIP, who have long campaigned for an end to UK foreign aid spending.

Peter Black, lead Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for South Wales West, said:

“The Welsh Liberal Democrat vision is of a Wales that's outward-looking, compassionate and unafraid to play its part in making the world a better place.

“We're committed to doubling Wales' international development spend because we know the benefits it brings, both for the developing world and for Wales too. We want to foster genuine relationships with developing countries, involving marginalised groups in Wales and supporting cultural exchanges while helping to lift more people out of poverty.

“We've long known that helping some of the world's poorest nations is the right thing to do. We stand in stark contrast to UKIP, whose narrow-minded attitude wants to cut all UK foreign aid expenditure at a time when we should be supporting the developing world.

“The choice on many regional lists across Wales is between re-electing a hardworking Welsh Lib Dem who'll stand up for you, or a UKIP AM with that attitude who isn't even guaranteed to show up and take the people of Wales seriously.

“That's why we're urging supporters of other parties to lend us their regional vote on May 5th and help keep UKIP out of the Assembly.”

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