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UK Government Unable to Provide Key Post-EU Funding Data for Wales

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservatives of failing to provide key information to the public over the replacement of EU development funds for Wales and of misleading people over the extent to which EU funding will be replaced.

Former Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Lord Mike German

In the House of Lords, Former Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Mike German has challenged the Government twice in two weeks to provide details of the per capita spend for Welsh people under the UKs replacement scheme.

However, the Government has replied both times stating that it “regrets it is not in a position to confirm the per capita allocation of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) in each nation at this stage”.

Commenting Lord Mike German stated:

“How can this Conservative Government state they are matching our former funding under the EU development scheme when they cannot even provide a per capita figure on what they have spent so far?

“Under the previous EU system, Wales received £780 per head. It is now clearer than ever that Wales is not getting its fair share of development funds and that the Conservative Party has broken its Brexit promise that Wales would not lose any funding as a result of leaving the EU.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

“This is yet the latest in a long line of broken promises to Wales by the Conservatives. With some of the highest levels of poverty in Western Europe, Wales cannot afford to lose development funding.

“The fact that Government is not able to provide us with a per capita spend for the UK's four nations sends worrying signals that this is not even something that is on their radar. Knowing per capita spend is so important because some areas of the UK are in much greater need than other wealthier regions.

“Welsh Conservative MPs urgently need to get a grip and speak to their bosses about ensuring we do not lose any more funding.

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