Wefan Gymraeg



The Welsh Labour Government is underperforming on transport. While they focus on wasteful projects that help only a few, people across Wales are still not able to get to work or school on public transport. Our trains are overfilled, not frequent enough and in some cases falling apart; and measures are being put in place without the funding needed to fulfil them.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats want a stronger transport system that enables economic growth and social mobility. Our vision is for an integrated transport system that serves all our communities, and allows the people of Wales to get to work, training and the services they need, no matter where they live.

We’ve already achieved improvements to the Welsh transport infrastructure. Despite not being part of the Welsh Government, we have:

  • Blocked plans for the unnecessary £1bn M4 relief road and accelerated work for the cheaper South Wales Metro public transport alternative
  • Secured electrification of the London-Swansea and Valleys rail lines, speeding up services and making trains a more attractive option for commuters
  • Secured £15 million for a young person's discount bus pass, helping 16-18 year olds get to work, school or training

But there's still more to do. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will:

  • Transform town and city centres to reclaim our streets, making them more pleasant to walk, cycle and live in
  • Completely remove the Severn Bridge tolls, scrapping the tax on entering Wales that deprives our economy of £107 million a year
  • Scrap the wasteful and polluting Anglesey-Cardiff air link, ploughing the £1 million a year saving into other public transport schemes
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