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Tory MP’s “bizarre choice” for Health Committee Chair blasted by Jane Dodds

Welsh Liberal Democrat campaigner Jane Dodds has hit out at Montgomeryshire’s Conservative MP for nominating a pro-homeopathy and pro-astrology colleague as Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee.

Conservative MP David Tredinnick is in the running for the chairmanship, having been nominated by Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies. Hywel Williams, Plaid MP for Arfon and Huw Irranca-Davies, Labour MP for Ogmore have also nominated Tredinnick for the job.

Tredinnick is outspoken in his belief that homeopathy and astrology have a role to play within NHS services, despite a large body of evidence suggesting that such treatments have no effect beyond a placebo. The Telegraph has reported that Tredinnick also believes that a full moon can cause internal bleeding.

Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrat campaigner Jane Dodds said:

“I don’t see how anyone could view backing a pro-homeopathy and pro-astrology MP to be Chair of this vital health scrutiny committee as anything other than a bizarre choice. As far as I’m concerned, our health services should be run on the basis of what works, not crackpot theories that have been proven countless times to not work at all.

“As a local campaigner, having spent the past few years focusing on our health services I know how incredibly important they are to the people of Montgomeryshire. Although it’s a devolved area, many local people depend upon the NHS across the border and cross-border care is a very live issue.

“Placing the scrutiny of the English NHS in the hands of such a controversial figure is incredibly unwise, especially when his opponent is a former GP and well qualified for the job.”

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