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Time for Tories to come clean on fair funding

Following his reappointment as Welsh Secretary, Kirsty Williams has called on Stephen Crabb to come clean on his party’s position on fair funding for Wales.

On St David’s Day the Coalition Government announced that it would introduce a minimum funding ‘floor’ for Wales. However the Conservatives’ UK manifesto makes clear that a ‘floor’ would only be introduced “once the Welsh Government called a referendum on Income Tax powers in the next Parliament". Last week David Cameron failed to say whether Wales would receive a 'funding floor' if it rejects tax varying powers in a referendum.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

“It’s time the Tories are honest about fair funding. The first thing Stephen Crabb must do is come clean on whether his party will give Wales fair funding with no strings attached.

“I’m concerned that with the Tories in Government on their own, there will now be no appetite to ensure Wales gets a fair deal.

“It’s all very well the Tories in Wales saying their Welsh manifesto pledges fair funding, but the idea that their Welsh manifesto trumps the UK version is nothing short of absurd.

“Wales must receive fair funding – no ifs, no buts. With the Liberal Democrats in Government, the Coalition promised to deliver a fair deal for Wales with no strings attached; the Tories must now stick to this agreement.”

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