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Time for a good news story for our NHS - Kirsty Williams

The Welsh Liberal Democrats' More Nurses campaign has reached the next stage today as Kirsty Williams' bill was published for the first time.

Kirsty's bill, which aims to ensure safe nurse staffing levels in hospitals, will be introduced in the Assembly tomorrow. Previously, the Senedd debates have been based on the general principle of the bill; today the bill is formally published before it heads to the health committee for the first stage of scrutiny.

Over 4,500 people have either signed petitions or written to their AM urging them to back the Bill as it progresses through the Assembly. Have you added your name? Click here now to do so.


In December 2013, Kirsty Williams was successful in the National Assembly's ballot to introduce backbench legislation. Her proposal could see Wales become the first country in the UK with a legal duty on safe nurse staffing levels.

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"My 'More Nurses' Bill offers Wales the opportunity to lead the way in being the first country in the UK to establish a legal duty for safe nurse staffing levels. It's time for a good news story in the Welsh NHS and this bill has to the potential to be just that.

"Safe nursing levels are a bedrock for effective care. Nurses provide round the clock care for patients, and work in every kind of healthcare setting. Quite simply, nurse staffing levels are too important to be left to 'guidance'.

"Making safe nursing levels a statutory responsibility will provide a legislative basis for patients and staff to challenge poor levels of nurse staffing.

"Nurses with fewer patients to care for, can spend more time with each patient. As a result, they can provide better care. They have more opportunity to identify and address potential problems with a patient's care, and can play a preventative, rather than simply reactive, role.

"This is one of the most concise Bills introduced before the Assembly, but it is also a Bill filled with vision. It looks to deliver real outcomes for people in Wales - both now and in the years to come."

Back our campaign now by adding your name to our petition: www.MoreNurses.org.uk

Listen to Kirsty Williams make the case for more nurses below.

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