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Theresa May has ‘abandoned’ the 48%, say Welsh Lib Dems

Commenting on Theresa May’s Brexit Speech, Welsh Lib Dem Brexit Spokesperson, Roger Williams, said;

“It’s difficult to believe that during the Referendum Campaign, Theresa May was a quiet supporter of Britain’s place in the EU, and made her views on the benefits of membership of the Single Market clear.

“It’s becoming clear that the Prime Minister is doing her utmost to appease the hard-right of UKIP and her own party, and has abandoned the 48% who voted for Britain to remain in the EU.

“It is an insult to voters to suggest that the country is coming together and uniting over Brexit, when these plans will hit the millions of hardworking people hardest, not the millionaires and billionaires pulling the Prime Minister's strings.”

“As Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour have handed the Tories a Brexit blank cheque, the Liberal Democrats will hold this Brexit Government to account and fight for Britain’s place in the Single Market.”

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