Wefan Gymraeg



In 2010 the Liberal Democrats entered the Coalition with a clear, over-riding priority: to rescue, repair and renew the economy. Times have been tough for lots of people across the country who have had to work hard and make real sacrifices to get where we are today. As Liberal Democrats, we were always clear that austerity was necessary, not desirable. We have stuck to a clear, sensible plan – anchoring the government in the centre ground. We are determined to finish the job in full and on time and to do so fairly.

We brought stability at a time of crisis and are now beginning to see the fruits of those decisions: the fastest growing economy in the G7; record numbers of people in work; wages pulling ahead of inflation and a more balanced economy emerging. Our plan is for a stronger economy and a fairer society that creates opportunities for everyone, no matter what your background.  

Importantly, we will cut £50bn less than the Tories and borrow £70bn less than Labour, making our plan the fairest of the lot.