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The War on Drugs has failed

A poll has shown that 75% of people in Wales agree with the Welsh Liberal Democrats that the War on Drugs is failing.

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The ITV Wales/YouGov poll shows that 75% of people in Wales think the War on Drugs has been unsuccessful in reducing drug use. The poll comes as drug deaths reach a record high in England and Wales, with drug deaths in Wales increasing by 188% over 23 years.

Councillor Bablin Molik, Welsh Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson commented:

This poll shows more and more people across Wales agree with what the Welsh Liberal Democrats have long been saying. The War on Drugs has failed. It is time for a compassionate and liberal drug policy based on evidence, not rhetoric and dogma.

Criminalising drug use institutionalises otherwise law-abiding citizens, making them more likely to fall into organised crime. It puts money and power in the hands of criminal gangs and prevents users from knowing what is in their drugs, putting their lives at risk. We  must start treating drug addiction as a health, not a criminal justice issue so we can give users the support and treatment they need to beat their addictions and improve their lives.

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