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The People Must Have the Final Say on Brexit

The Welsh Lib Dems have argued that no Brexit deal can be as good as the current deal we have with the EU and that it must be the people, not politicians who decide on Brexit.

Details of the deal are yet to be released as the Cabinet meets to discuss and potentially approve the deal.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds commented:

We know very little about Theresa May’s Brexit Deal; but we do know that whatever the deal, it will not be as good for Wales as our current relationship with the EU.

It would be unthinkable for MPs to knowingly vote to make Wales and their constituents worse off. I urge every Welsh MP to vote down this deal.

Ultimately, it should be the people, not politicians who decide Brexit. The only workable solution to Brexit is to give the people the final say and the opportunity to choose an Exit from Brexit.

We’re the only party in Wales who’ve spent the last two years fighting to give the people the final say on the deal. We are closer than ever to achieving our goal, but we need the help of every like-minded individual to succeed.

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