Wefan Gymraeg

Outstanding Leadership, Dedication or Success in Local Government Award

Award is for:

Elected Councillors at any level.


This award is for any currently (at the time on nomination) elected Councillor whose work as a Councillor has brought credit to the Welsh Liberal Democrats and/or given significant service to their ward. The following is not an exhaustive list of pointers:

  • Significant and/or consistent high standard of casework.
  • Credit to the Party.
  • Effectiveness as a campaigner in getting/staying elected.
  • Effectiveness as a campaigner in dealing with local issues.
  • Outstanding contribution to the Council Chamber.
  • A caring, tolerant and liberal-minded approach.
  • Taking leadership in the Chamber and/or in local issues.
  • Commitment to the people of their ward.

How to Nominate:

Any member may make as many nominations as they wish. Nominations will close at mid-day on Monday 17th October.

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Nominations should explain why you think the nominee deserves the award, with reference to the category criteria.

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