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Steven Aicheler


Steven Aicheler is the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Caerphilly. 

Tell us about yourself:

I’m just an ordinary person who cares about the place we live in. As a dad of two I really want my kids to grow up in a place which is beautiful, caring and welcoming. I love being outdoors, walking, running or cycling either on my own, with friends, or with my family. I care about the environment that we live in, both locally and globally, I think we need to make some radical changes to the way we live to make living better.

I’m British by birth, but Wales is my home, and I want to make it a better home for all its residents.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

The Senedd needs to continue to prove its value, over the last 20 years our Welsh parliament has gained in powers and in confidence and I believe its time for it to have more control. It must use that control for the benefit of all and to develop Wales into an innovative, progressive, socially conscious nation. Far too many people in Wales are being left behind and sadly are not reaching their full potential. Its time to change that, we’ve got to put recovery first, a recovery which puts people and planet at the top of the agenda and makes sure that Wales meets its potential. We need grown up politics, and for that to happen we need to work together.

What will you do for your constituency/region if elected?

I will be a strong voice for Caerphilly, and an open ear for every resident. I will fight to improve the economic conditions, fight to support small businesses and fight to make sure that our children have the best education they can. Caerphilly needs a government which makes decisions without the dither and delay of Labour, isn’t distracted by the dangerous nationalism of Plaid but cares about its institutions, culture and sense of identity unlike the Conservatives.

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