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Statement on Theresa May’s resignation

Responding to Theresa May’s resignation announcement, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has commended her commitment to public service but said her approach to Brexit made her departure inevitable.

As Theresa May prepares to leave Downing Street, it is right we pay tribute to her obvious and heartfelt commitment to public service. I wish her well for the future.

However, we must also be frank and recognise that her Premiership has been a failure. Regardless of the ambitions she set out in her first speech as Prime Minister, her time as Prime Minister has been dominated by Brexit. It is her failures and mismanagement of Brexit that has made her departure inevitable.

For far too long Theresa May failed to stand-up to the Brexit extremists and hardliners in her own party. She foolishly pursued a hard Brexit without having any viable plan to get it through Parliament. She has stubbornly refused to support a People’s Vote even when public opinion clearly shifted in favour of it. This stubbornness has been her downfall.

A Conservative leadership election solves nothing, indeed it may even increase the risk of a no deal Brexit if the likes of Johnson, Raab or Rees-Mogg are victorious. The only solution to Brexit remains giving the people the final say and the opportunity to choose an Exit from Brexit. If Theresa May’s successor refuses to support a People’s Vote, Brexit will cause their resignation too.

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