Wefan Gymraeg

Motion to Amend the Constitution: Tidying up membership of the Policy Development Committee

Proposed by the Constitutional Affairs Committee

Conference notes an anomaly in the Constitution where “a representative of the committee with responsibility for organising Conference” is a voting member of the Policy Development Committee while “a representative of the Conference Committee” is a non-voting member of the same committee.

Conference believes that this anomaly should be rectified by only having one representative of the Conference Committee as a voting member of the Policy Development Committee.

Conference therefore resolves to amend the Constitution of the Welsh Liberal Democrats as follows:

  1. Delete Clause G.3.2.a.ii and replace with “A representative of the Conference Committee”.
  2. Delete Clause G.3.2.b.ii


Amendments to this motion should be submitted to [email protected] by 1pm on Wednesday 29th June.