Wefan Gymraeg

Motion to Amend the Constitution: Changing the way that Representatives to Federal Party Committees are elected

Proposed by the Constitutional Affairs Committee

Conference notes that:

  1. When the current governance structure of the Welsh Liberal Democrats was adopted into the Constitution the responsibility of electing Welsh Party Representatives to Federal Party Committees was passed to the Welsh Party Board or relevant committee, unless an election of all members was required by the Federal Constitution.
  2. Previously these representatives had been directly elected by members, and sat on Welsh Party committees as additional members.

Conference believes that this decision should be revoked.

Conferences therefore resolves to amend the Constitution of the Welsh Liberal Democrats as follows:

  1. Delete clauses G.16.b, G.16.c and G.16.d and replace with a new clause, numbered G.16.b:
    “The Representative to the Federal Conference Committee, the Representative to the Federal International Relations Committee, the Representative to the Federal Policy Committee, and the Representative to the Federal People Development Committee shall:
    I. Be elected by the Party Membership. Any member may apply but must have the support of 5 members.
    II. Be elected for three-year terms.
    III. Commence office on 1 January of the year following their election, with the election taking place alongside the Autumn Conference preceding the start of a three-year term.”
  2. In Clause G.3.2.a.ix delete “one of whom shall become the Party’s representative to the Federal Policy Committee”.
  3. In Clause G.3.2.a add a new sub clause at the end “The Welsh Party’s representative on the Federal Policy Committee”.
  4. Add new sub clause at end of G.4.2.a “The Welsh Party's representative on the Federal People Development Committee”.


Amendments to this motion should be submitted to [email protected] by 1pm on Wednesday 29th June.