Wefan Gymraeg


Saturday 9th July

Download a printable version of the Conference Agenda and motions (pdf / Word)

10:00 Welcome
10:05 Policy Motions
  - Road Tax levied on HVO biofuel
  - Care Experienced Young People in Wales
10:40 Business Motion
  - Re-energising the Party in urban and valley areas
11:00 Motions to Amend the Constitution
  - Changes to the Federal Board, and the creation of a Federal Council
  - Changing the way that Representatives to Federal Party Committees are elected
  - Tidying up membership of the Policy Development Committee
  - Correcting an error in the constitution
  - Clarifying limits on Committee Memberships
11:10 Presentation on Proposals for Senedd Reform
11:40 Emergency Motions
  - Proposals for Senedd Reform
12:00 Close of Conference
  Followed by Introduction to Connect training


Emergency Motions should be submitted to [email protected] 9am on Saturday 9th July.