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Small businesses must not be priced out of .wales domains

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have urged the Welsh Government to make sure small businesses aren't priced out of the new .wales and .cymru domains.Eluned Parrott

Eluned Parrott, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Business, has expressed concerns that small businesses could miss out on the opportunities these domains will offer if they are priced too highly by registrar companies.

Their call comes as the Welsh Government announce their plans to transfer to the domains from next year.

Eluned Parrott AM said:

"The .wales and .cymru domains will be an extra tool for businesses and other organisations to sell Wales to the world. I would encourage them all to seriously consider using a .wales or .cymru domain either instead of or alongside their existing web address.

"The Welsh Government has a role to play to ensure a strong take up, and I'm glad they're leading the way by using the domain themselves. The Welsh Government must also put pressure on domain name registrar companies to price these new domains at a reasonable level, so smaller businesses looking to use these domains won't be priced out of an excellent opportunity."

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