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Small businesses are the ‘lifeblood of our economy’

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will mark Small Business Weekend by calling for further devolution of powers to local government to stimulate regional economic growth.

Saturday 3rd December marks Small Business Weekend.

Welsh Lib Dem Economy Spokesperson Bob Griffin said;

“Wales needs the vision, the ideas and the aspiration to help get our economy moving. Wales should be the place where small businesses and innovators thrive. A small nation that rewards those with big ideas. The place where ambition and aspiration are rewarded.

“Devolution mustn’t end at Cardiff Bay. Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that local government should have the powers to be flexible with business rates to reflect local needs, encouraging them to invest in economic development by letting them keep half of any increases they generate through their own hard work.

“Small Business are the lifeblood of the Welsh economy, and skills and aspiration must be met with an environment which allows our small businesses to flourish, creating sustainable jobs and local growth for the long term.”

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