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5 Great Reasons to vote Welsh Lib Dems

Here are 5 positive reasons to back Welsh Liberal Democrats to Put Recovery First for Wales

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Our recovery plan for education

Lib Dems have achieved big on Education in the Senedd

Kirsty Williams in her role in Government has been the personification of what Liberal Democrats can do if they win this May. From free school meals for the most vulnerable to a new Erasmus+ scheme to promote opportunity for all, to a modern curriculum for a modern Wales, Kirsty Williams has made huge strides in education, despite being the only Liberal Democrats MS. Now, we want to go even further. 

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Recovery from Wales’ Mental Health Crisis

Lockdown has deeply affected all of us. 

People have lost loved ones, families have been separated and loneliness and isolation have become the new normal for so many. Research shows as many as half of us have suffered with mental health issues during lockdown, and as many as 20% have had severe effects on their health.

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