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Schools need stability and support after banding fiasco - Aled Roberts

This morning, the Welsh Government announced that their controversial school banding system will be replaced with a new scheme based on individual pupil data.

The scheme announced today is very similar to the Welsh Liberal Democrats' own policy on individual pupil monitoring, passed at our conference in Spring 2013 (full details here).


Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education, said:


"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been calling for the flawed banding system to be replaced since it was first introduced in 2011. The Welsh Labour Government got this system seriously wrong and again it is Wales' education system that pays the price.


"The fact that the school banding system is at last being replaced by one based on monitoring individual pupils, their characteristics and their attainment is to be welcomed. The Welsh Lib Dems have been calling for this for over the last two years and the issue was highlighted in the recent OECD report.


"The Welsh Labour Government must now concentrate on the capacity of the Regional Consortia through their Challenge Advisers to tackle the issues in schools where the attainment of individual pupils is causing concern.


"Political stability will be essential to the success of the new system and we owe it to everyone involved in the profession to make sure that the new categorization model is given time to bed down.


"All our efforts must now be concentrated on putting this system into effect and making it work.


"The Welsh Government must also detail the support that will be provided to schools where individual pupil attainment still needs to be raised."

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