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5 Ways to Save Welsh Farming

The upcoming Agricultural Bill in Westminster will water down food standards across Britain, and risk frowning out our hard-working local farmers with a flood of low-quality cheap imports.

But there is still plenty you can do to support local farmers across Wales. Here are just 5 things you can do to help protect Welsh farming:

1: Source food from the farm gate. This can be difficult in the modern age, but there are now many farms which sell directly online - sometimes for even cheaper than the supermarket. The shorter your food chain, the more sure you can be of it’s standards and quality. 

2: Buy British where possible. Our farmers have some of the best standards in the world. By looking for the Red Tractor logo on food, you can be sure it has complied with animal welfare, medicinal and environmental regulations. 

3: Support local small and independent shops. Supporting local businesses, including high-street butchers and fruit and veg stores, keeps money in your local community and they may even be able to recommend cuts of meat or veggies you haven’t tried before!

4: Eat Sustainably; vegetarian or meat-eater. Headlines rightfully focus on the benefits that vegetarianism or veganism can bring to the environment. But what is rarely highlighted is the importance of eating sustainably. Both plants and animals can be farmed in ways which are ecologically harmful, whilst British beef is often grown to support large pastures which support wildflowers and insects and help trap carbon. 

5: Mobilise, Get Active and Campaign! There are plenty of local groups campaigning to help save and protect farming across Britian. #SaveBritishFarming are running many local action days. Find out more and get involved ➡️  savebritishfarming.org

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