Wefan Gymraeg

Agenda & Motions

Read the Conference Agenda

Below are the motions that have been submitted for Spring Conference 2019.

Policy Motions

  • Citizenship as Part of the National Curriculum for Wales (pdf/Word) - proposed by Policy Committee
  • New Age for Welsh Apprenticeships (pdf/Word) - proposed by Policy Committee
  • Promotion of Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools (pdf/Word) - proposed by Cardiff & Vale Liberal Democrats
  • Fairer Taxes for Second Homes (pdf/Word) - proposed by Policy Committee
  • An Affordable Future for Welsh Housing (pdf/Word) - proposed by Policy Committee
  • Future of Local Government (pdf/Word) - proposed by Policy Committee
  • Healthy Air, Healthy Wales (pdf/Word) - proposed by Policy Committee
  • Carbon Fee and Dividend (pdf/Word) - proposed by Cardiff & Vale Liberal Democrats

Constitutional Motions

  • A Motion to Amend the Constitution (pdf/Word) - proposed by Constitutional Review Panel

Business Motions

  • Conference Fees (pdf/Word) - proposed by Conference Committee

Topical Motions

  • The deadline for the submission of Topical Motions is the 26th March.

If you have any problems opening or downloading any of these motions please e-mail [email protected] and ask for a copy to be sent to you.