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Rob Roberts should resign or face recall election

Commenting on the continued speculation on the future of Rob Roberts MP for Delyn, following the recommendation that he be suspended from Parliament for six weeks, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said that he should face either a recall election or voluntarily resign to re-stand should he wish to continue as a MP.

Andrew Parkhurst, who contested the seat of Delyn in 2019 and 2021 for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“Rob Roberts’ behaviour on numerous occasions has been utterly appalling and my heart goes out to his victims. He should not be allowed to continue as our MP under these circumstances.

“It is beyond belief that he will be able to continue serving as our MP for potentially the next three years. In any other job he would have been fired for these actions and it is unacceptable that he is able continue as our MP.

Jane Dodds MS, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, added:

“The actions of Mr Roberts are truly horrific, in any other job he would have been shown the door, and in any other circumstance the recall of MPs act would trigger a recall petition.

“It is clear the Recall of MPs Act needs updating to include suspensions recommended by this new committee which was only formed last year. If the act can’t be amended and Mr Roberts wants to continue as an MP he should do the honourable thing and resign and contest the seat in the following by-election.”

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