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REVEALED: Other parties’ plans to use Severn Tolls as ‘cash cow’

Figures published today show how three political parties intend to use the Severn Bridge tolls as a ‘cash-cow’ once they come back into public ownership.

The Welsh Lib Dems have calculated the average cost to a commuter of each party’s plans for the tolls.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party to pledge to scrap the tolls once they come back into public ownership. This would save the average motorist commuting each day over £1560 per year.

The tolls are expected to come back into public ownership in 2018. When this happens, parties will charge commuters:

  • Conservatives: £1296 per year
  • Labour: £888 per year
  • Plaid Cymru: £480 per year
  • Liberal Democrats: £0 per year

If you want to see the tolls scrapped too, click here to sign our petition.

Jenny Willott, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff Central, said:
“Every party, except the Lib Dems, want to keep a tax on entering Wales. The Lib Dems will fight Wales’ corner and scrap these unfair tolls, even if the other parties won’t.

“The tolls are a huge barrier to business, costing the South Wales economy around £107 million a year. Tolls are extremely rare in the UK, so I see no reason why people should be forced to pay to enter Wales.

“People don’t care about whether these tolls are devolved or not. What they do care about is scrapping them.

“Plaid, the Tories and Labour all want to keep the tolls as a cash-cow. The Lib Dems won’t let that happen.

“Our plans would save the average commuter around £1,569 a year, helping build a stronger economy and a fairer society.”

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