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Restore the virtual Parliament

It's vital we allow MPs to continue to participate from home.

By Callum James Littlemore, Jun 03, 2020 10:06

Alok Sharma MP has had to return home to self isolate after becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 at the dispatch box. In response we're calling for MPs to restore the virtual Parliament as a matter of urgency.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

“I am incredibly concerned for Alok Sharma. He was clearly very unwell at the dispatch box earlier and I hope that he recovers soon.

"Mr Rees Mogg was warned about forcing MPs to return, but he didn’t listen. His obsession with tradition has put the health and wellbeing of MPs at risk, and excluded those who cannot return due to health concerns.

“Mr Rees Mogg has lost all credibility and needs to resign as Leader of the House of Commons.

“This case shows just how important maintaining the virtual parliament is. It is ludicrous that MPs have to spend 45 minutes snaking around the Parliamentary estate in order to vote, when this can be done online in a matter of seconds.

“MPs need to urgently restore virtual proceedings so they can all continue to participate from the safety of their own home. This is the only sensible route forward and is same approach being taken by both the Senedd and the House of Lords.”

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