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Renting Homes Bill “a disaster waiting to happen” – Peter Black AM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have warned that Labour’s Renting Homes Bill will weaken tenants’ rights if passed in its current form.



Peter Black has said the Welsh Government’s proposal to abolish the 6 month minimum on private rental tenancies will put tenants in a weaker and less secure position. He is also raising concerns about the provision for exclusion orders for those in supported accommodation, saying that it could be in breach of human rights legislation.

Peter Black AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, said:

“This Bill from Labour is a disaster waiting to happen, and we will vote it down unless there are significant changes.

“Removing the 6 month minimum tenancy rule will put tenants in a much more uncertain and unsecure position, especially given more and more vulnerable people are to be placed in the private sector under this bill.

“Housing is yet another area of abject failure for this Welsh Labour Government. With fewer than half the houses that Wales needs being built, Labour’s poverty of ambition is driving the dream of affordable housing out of reach of too many people.

“As well as building more homes to make the housing market more affordable, the Welsh Lib Dems would help people afford their first rental deposit with a ‘help to rent’ scheme. Our innovative ‘rent to buy’ scheme would give young families a chance at owning a house, with their rent payments gradually buying out their home.

“Wales needs to get creative on housing. Labour’s poverty of ambition is in stark contrast to the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ innovative solutions to get us out of this housing crisis.”


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