Wefan Gymraeg

Reforming politics

The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that our political system needs a total overhaul. Too much power lies in the hands of too few people. Decisions are taken too far away from those they affect.

In Government we have taken some important steps forward: we’ve stopped future Prime Ministers from calling elections when it suits them by fixing the length of Parliaments. We’ve given people the right to recall their MP for wrongdoing. And we’ve cut the influence of money in politics by restricting big campaigns from buying votes in elections.

Without Liberal Democrats in Government, we would never have set up the Silk Commission. We led the Wales Act 2014 through Parliament, implementing the first set of Silk's recommendations to transfer Wales' first tax powers.

It hasn’t been easy: Labour and the Conservatives ganged up to block our attempts to reform the House of Lords, make Britain’s voting system fairer, and clean up party funding. So there is more work to do in the next Parliament. Our manifesto sets out plans to introduce [fair votes] at every level, and for every citizen from the age of 16, starting in local government. We will return to the fight to overhaul the House of Lords to make it democratic. We will deliver home rule and fair funding for Wales.

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